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miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

Ella Fitzgerald - A Ship Without a Sail

Dizzy Gillespie escucha a Ella Fitzgerald (Foto de William P. Gottlieb)

De Richard Rodgers la música y de Lorenz Hart la letra, A Ship Without a Sail. Y la interpretación de Ella Fitzgerald. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?


I don't know what day it is
or if it's dark or fair
Somehow that's just the way it is
and I don't really care.

I go to this or that place
I seen alive and well
my head is just a hat place
my breast an empty shell.

All alone, all at sea!
Why does nobody cares for me?
Where there's no love to hold my love,
why is my heart so frail
like a ship without a sail?

Out of the ocean
sailors can use a chart.
I'm in the ocean
guided by just a lonely heart.

Still alone still at sea
still there's no to care for me?
Where there's no hand to hold my hand
life is a loveless tale
for a ship without a sail!

2 comentarios:

Salamandrágora dijo...

La voz clara de Ella, siempre me emociona.

Un abrazo.

El transcriptor dijo...

Los Songbooks que grabó son un monumento vivo de la música, y no hay que olvidarse de lo que cantó antes, claro.