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miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

Teresa Stratas canta a Kurt Weill para la despedida

Kurt Weill y Ira Gershwin

Música de la etapa americana de Kurt Weill (1900-1950). La letra de la canción es de Ira Gershwin. La canción pertenece al musical Lady in the Dark, estrenado el 23 de enero de 1941.

Quien canta es la soprano canadiense de origen griego Teresa Stratas, que tiene varios álbumes dedicados a la música del compositor alemán, de los que contamos con dos en la fonoteca de Cómo cantaba mayo...: Stratas sings Weill (1986) , en el que aparece "One Life to Live", y The unknown Kurt Weill (1981).

Teresa Stratas debutó en 1958 en la Ópera de Toronto con la Mimí de La Bohème y ha cantado a autores como Verdi, Mozart, Strauss, Leoncavallo, Berg...


There are many minds in circulation
Believing in reincarnation
In me you see one who doesn't agree
Challenging possible affronts
I believe I'll only live once
And I want to make the most of it
If there's a party I want to be the host of it
If there's a haunted house I want to be the ghost of it
If I'm in town I want to be the toast of it

I say to me every morning
You've only one life to live
So why be done in?
Let's see the sun in
And gloom can jump in the river
No use to beat on the doldrums
Let's be imaginative, each day is numbered
No good when slumbered
With only one life to live

Why let the goblins upset you?
One smile and see how they run
And what does worrying get you?
Nothing, the thing is to have fun
All this may sound kind of hackneyed
But it's the best I can give
Soon comes december
So please remember
You've only one life to live
Just one life to live

She says to her every morning
She's only one month to live
So why be done in?
Let's let the sunshine in
And gloom can jump in the river

What you collect at the grindstone
Becomes a millstone in time
This is my thesis:
Why go to pieces?
Step one while you're in your prime
You may say that I'm an escapist
But I would rather by far be that
Than be a red tapist
Lead me, speed me, straight to the bar
Just laugh at old man repression
And send him into oblivion
Then you're the winner
I'm off to dinner
I've only one life to live
Just one life to live

Con esta alegre música, nos despedimos hasta el próximo mes de septiembre, en que volvemos con un ritmo más tranquilo que el habitual del año.


La bañista, de František Kupka (c. 1906)*

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