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viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

Tres cuadros de Nicholas Zagrekov

Retrato doble (1927)

Rosie Mein (1928)

Joven con reisshina (1929)

The exhibition offers a look at the cultural phenomenon of the "Russian Berlin" through the eyes of one of the people rushing to the city at the dawn of the 1920s in search of a better life - the Russian artist N. Zagrekov (1897-1992). In 1921, being married to a German Volga, a student of the Moscow VKhUTEMAS receives a call in Germany from the relatives of his wife and moved to Berlin. There he continued his studies by enrolling in the Professional School of Arts and Crafts. Zagrekov originally planned to stay in Berlin for a while, but eventually he stayed there forever.

Fuente"Nicholas Zagrekov and Russian Berlin"

(Pinturas vistas en Real Distan - Flickr)

Nicholas Zagrekov en su estudio. Berlin, 1929*

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