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sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2015

Otra de Billie en 'Eva'


En la banda sonora de la película Eva (Eve, 1962), de Joseph Losey, se escucha otra canción interpretada por Billie Holiday,  Loveless Love, tema compuesto por W.C Handy.


Love is like a hydrant, it turns off and on
Like some friendships when your money's gone
Love stands in with the loan sharks
When your heart's in tongs

If I had some strong wings like an aeroplane
Had some broad wings like an aeroplane
I would fly away forever
Never to come again

Oh love, oh love, oh loveless love
Has said our hearts are goldless gold
From milkless milk and silkless silk
We are growing used to soulless souls

Such grafting times we never saw
That's why we have a pure full law
In everything we find a flaw
Even love, oh love, oh loveless love

Just to fly away from loveless love

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