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viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

John Coltrane + Judy Garland - But Not for Me

Por el aniversario de George Gershwin. Quinto y último tema de esta semana: But Not for Me. ¡Y qué pareja! Versión instrumental del cuarteto de John Coltrane (1960) y vocal de Judy Garland (1943). Ahí vamos.


They're writing songs of love,
But not for me
A lucky stars above,
But not for me!

With love to lead the way,
I've found more clouds of gra-ay
Than any Russian play
Coud garauntee

I was a fool to fall,
And get that way
Hi-Ho alas
and also lack a day

Although I can't dismiss
the memory of his kiss,
I guess he's not for me

(Del musical Girl Crazy, 1930)

(Fotografía de Morgane)

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