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domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017

Egon Schiele - Retrato de una joven (1917)

Egon Schiele, Portrait of a Girl, 1917, black crayon on wove paper, 33.5 x 16.5 cm, Art Gallery of Ontario, Gift of Herbert Alpert in memory of Patricia Joy Alpert, Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Artist, Educator, 2002)

Drawing came second nature to Egon Schiele. His mother claimed that he began to draw before the age of two and that as a boy he was rarely without pencil and paper. Early in his career as an artist, Schiele emerged as a skilled draughtsman working in an academic manner. By 1910 he had absorbed influences from the Vienna Secession and Gustav Klimt and secured his place among the heirs to fin-de-siècle Austrian Expressionism. The distinctive graphic shorthand that characterizes Schiele’s expressive style of drawing has led many to conclude that the artist’s works on paper are more important than his paintings.

(Art of the Day - Art Gallery of Ontario)

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